In Italian, the word ‘coltello’ means ‘knife.’ At Tommaso, Coltello translates into something slightly more impressive: an aluminum tri bike that’s outfitted with signature technology designed to save you energy—and time—while pushing hard on the course. From Tommaso Airfoil Technology (TAT) to the signature Speed Pocket and ultra-premium Shimano Dura-Ace shifters designed specifically for triathlons, there’s no better bike for taking sharp aim at the world’s mightiest three-pronged endurance test.

Technical Specifications

Fit & Sizing/Geometry


  1. Super-Light Aluminum frames are constructed with 6061 aluminum—deemed the best material for bicycles—and designed to be lightweight and durable in all road racing conditions.
  2. For maximum control and stability in all road conditions, Tommaso’s Steel Stability Technology is high end material and engineering.
  3. The Tommaso bicycle geometry system was created to ensure an optimal riding experience for all body types and styles. Each of our bikes has a unique geometric construction.
  4. Each of our bikes (and especially those made from carbon) contains numerous technological features that combine to form our Vibration Dampening Technology, guaranteeing a smooth ride no matter how long it lasts.
  5. The Tommaso Sport Series features bikes designed for slightly more casual riding than our Racing Series. Utilizing componentry that compliments our aluminum frames, Sport Series bikes offer an incredible level of performance at an even more impressive value.


$2,099.00 – Competitors Price

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Tommaso subscribes to the school of thought that a great product trumps high sales, and so we hand-select our dealers based on that mentality. Our retailers endure a demanding selection process; all of them are required to provide the best buying experience possible.



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